Many millions of healthy men, women and children are made extremely frightened by things others see no reason to fear.

This type of acute anxiety is called a phobia from the Greek phobos meaning a ‘dread’ or ‘horror’.

Phobias are described as ‘irrational’ because the many things sufferers fear – from beetles and birds to thunderstorms and spiders – pose little or no real threat.

Embarrassed by what they regard as ‘foolish’ fears, dreading ridicule, and sometimes embarrassed by what they are convinced is a form of mental illness many phobic people suffer in silence and in secret.


Listen as I explain why phobias arise and how to overcome them.

The good news is that, no matter how distressing and disabling your phobia may be right now, there are effective ways of overcoming it and much you can do to help yourself.

  • You can win freedom from your fears.
  • You can learn to control the distressing mental and physical symptoms of acute anxiety.
  • You can teach yourself to cope with, and in most cases to prevent, panic attacks.

And you can do this . . .

  • Whatever type of phobia you may be suffering from.
  • No matter how old you are.
  • Even if you have made unsuccessful attempts to overcome your fears in the past.
  • Whether you have suffered from a phobia for a few months or for many years.

Fight Your Phobia and Win

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