Excessive anxiety is a curse that can undermine your performance, shake your confidence and prevent you from achieving all you are capable of achieving. But there is a cure.

Based on my extensive experience, I was once clinical director of a national charity set-up to help anxiety sufferers around Britain, and my original research into the link between the way we breathe and the anxiety we experience. I am able to provide practical, effective, procedures for controlling anxiety and relaxing mind and body.

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying your individual stress level
  • Pinpointing key sources of stress in your working and personal life
  • Identifying stress in others
  • Self-hypnosis for reducing stress and anxiety
  • The healing power of sensualisation
  • Rapid and deep muscle relaxation techniques

Biofeedback involves using electronic equipment that ‘feeds back’ information about how the body is responding to both increasing stress and relaxation. Delegates discover how, by using biofeedback they can learn to identify rising stress level at an earlier stage and how to banish that stress more rapidly, deeply and easily.

In the words of one of my clients of ‘teaching those butterflies in my tummy to fly in formation!’

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