Advances in neuroscience, psychology and computer technology enable advertisers, marketers and retailers to influence every step of a consumer’s path to purchase. Key topics covered in this groundbreaking presentation include:

  • What neuroscience reveals about customers’ subconscious motivations, preferences and desires.
  • How emotions often control the decision to buy.
  • The subconscious influences that shape the way people shop.
  • The vital importance of ‘mental fluency’ in closing a sale.

“Will help you explain the “art” of what you do in “scientific” terms…not just in shop layouts but in all aspects of brand-building, interactive marketing and gamification.” Mat Braddy, Chief Marketing Officer for Just Eat, Marketing Magazine

This presentation is based, in part, on research conducted for my best-selling book The Brain Sell When Science Meets Shopping to learn more click here.

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