Someone who demonstrates the astonishing power of a properly trained memory is eight times world memory champion Dominic O’Brien. Among his many accomplishments is recalling a 1,780 digit number and memorising 20 decks of cards!

Watch my interview with Dominic O’Brien, Eight times world champion in which he explains how he does it.

The series of lectures I gave at the University of Brighton are available on two DVDs  Mastering Your Memory.

Could you remember the twenty words below after reading it just once?  Not just starting at the top and recalling them from the top down, but equally easily starting at the bottom and going up the list? Or, indeed, starting anywhere in the list and going either up or down it without a single error? 

Give it a try right now:

  • Airplane 
  • Pumpkin
  • Kitten
  • Dunce Cap
  • Harmonium
  • Jelly
  • Forest
  • Castle
  • Chariot
  • Rocking Horse
  • Trumpet
  • Banquet
  • Bread
  • Stone
  • Cream
  • Paddle Steamer
  • Snowmen
  • Television
  • Oak Tree
  • Golf balls

How did you get on?

Chances are you recalled the first few and maybe the last one or two words but got confused around the middle of the list. And the harder you tried to remember them the more muddled you became. That’s what typically happens.  We remember best what we hear first and last. We recall worst what happens in the middle!

After taking this test most people either assume it’s beyond them or look on their lack of success as yet more proof of their terrible memory.

Neither of these is correct.  By watching my Mastering Your Memory DVD you will find such memory tasks a cinch. What’s more you’ll have a skill that can be put to good effect in both your career and your personal life. Even better the confidence it gives you will enhance all aspects of your learning and your life.

Fewer than one in a thousand people ever take the time to develop their memory. By ordering these DVDs you will be investing in a rare gift for yourself: The ability to mentally ‘record’ any information you like, at any time. 

Reviewing the DVDs for the Daily Express Laura Jackson wrote: “Dr Lewis, a neuropsychologist, argues that a particular pattern of breathing will produce the ideal mental state for enhancing attention span and remembering data. The theory is that the three-minute breathing exercise he demonstrates increases theta and alpha waves in the brain and decreases memory blocking beta waves. On the…test, I scored full-marks for the memory section. I know that I achieved that result only by employing the techniques used in the DVD. I was surprised to see my own scores improved in other areas of the test that I can only put down to a better performance on the day. It made me realise that the power to improve my memory lies with me and I found it a worthwhile investment of time.”

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What those attending my lectures said:

“The breadth of knowledge about the brain was fascinating.  I found the techniques for remembering numbers and lists especially useful.”  John, Brighton.

“ When we got the first memory test I was struggling, then after being shown the techniques I found I could actually do them it gave me a really positive feeling of accomplishment.  I also found the breathing techniques helpful because I often get a bit worked up and anxious. But they really worked and I will certainly use them in future.” Yvonne, Brighton

“Frankly astonishing! The most amazing results from just a few hours of tuition. I’d always thought I wasn’t particularly great at remembering stuff. Now I am utterly convinced that just like everyone I have the inner ability to radically improve my memory. Not only that, but the course has provided me with a set of easy to use methods to immediately put into practice. It has done wonders for boosting my confidence too. Incredibly empowering.”  Daisy, London.

The ability to mentally ‘record’ any information you like, at any time.

A two DVD recording of lectures I gave at the University of Brighton plus a tutorial in which you will discover powerful new techniques for learning, remembering and recalling.

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