On this page I offer practical suggestions for enhancing wellbeing and healthy living. Remember that no one can give you wellbeing – it’s you who has to take action.

What is Wellbeing?

Due neither to great wealth nor the relentless pursuit of shortterm pleasures Wellbeing results from identifying and fostering one’s talents and strengths.

Wellbeing reflects ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that lead to physical and psychological resilience; to experiencing feelings of joy more often than despair; to possessing a lifelong curiosity about the world around you. An urge to play and explore, to savour and appreciate life’s simple pleasures; to have the courage to face up to new challenges and the confidence to persist in the face of set-backs; to maintain close and rewarding relationships throughout our life.  Wellbeing is associated with good health and a robust immune system. There is a strong relationship between wellbeing and the amount of trust and goodwill within families and the wider community. The more time you spend with family, friends and neighbours, the more you participate in community activities, the happier you are and the healthier the community in which you live.

Breathe Your Way to Wellness with Bo-Tau

I developed this powerful new approach to wellness after years of clinical research and practical experience working with clients. I called it Bo-Tau (the name stands for Breath Optimised Transformational Unblocking) combining findings from neuroscience and psychology with traditional Eastern yogic traditions. I present the ten lessons on the two DVD training course that also includes my book Breathe Easy. Together these will quickly and easily show you how, by using your breathing, you can reduce fatigue, combat stress, boost your energy levels, and generally enhance you feelings of confidence and wellbeing.