I’d like you to spend a few moments visualising a ripe, juicy lemon. Picture the fruit as vividly as possible in your mind’s eye. Imagine you are holding the lemon in your left hand and study the colour and texture carefully. Notice the different shades of yellow and the stipple effect of the skin.

Feel it resting in your hand and the cold firmness of the fruit against your skin. Now take hold of an imaginary kitchen knife in your right hand and slice the lemon in two. Feel the weight of the sharp blade in your hand as you raise it. Hear the swish as it cleaves through the air, the slight thud as it strikes the fruit and the plop as one of the severed section falls from your grasp. Notice how your fingers tightened to grasp the fruit and the knife. Imagine how the muscles in your upper arm must have moved firstly to raise the blade and then to bring it slicing down. See droplets of juice spurting out as you made the cut and smell their pungent citric aroma. Finally take one half of the imaginary lemon and raise it slowly to your lips. Anticipate then experience the sharp, acid, taste of the juice as, placing the slice between your lips, you slowly but deliberately suck it!

If your Sensualisation was reasonably strong then you will notice an increase in saliva in response to the mental image.

Now rate how vividly you were able to conjure up each of the sensations: Sight, sound, hand and arm movements, touch, taste and smell using the following scores.
As clear and as vivid as in real life 5
Almost as clear and vivid as in real life 4
Reasonably clear and vivid 3
Neither clear nor vivid 2
Only a fleeing impression 1
No sensations at all 0

Your Score

20 – 30:
Very few people can achieve the maximum possible score of 30 points without training but any score above 20 is good and indicates that you have already developed this natural talent to a high degree. You should, therefore, experience little or no difficulty when using Sensualisation as part of this training programme.
12 – 19: You possess a strong foundation of Sensualisation skills on which to build your training.
11 or less: You are clearly having difficulty with some if not all of the various sensory elements that comprise a Sensualisation. But even if your score was on this low side do not feel discouraged. The exercises are described in my FREE article Developing Your Sensualisation Powers which describes ways to develop your latent powers more fully.