The Bo-Tau course involves eight workshops, the contents of each is previewed in below. Click on any workshop to see a preview.

Workshop 1 – Preparing for Bo-Tau Breath Work

Describes the functions of the nose and how to keep this is healthy and efficient. Includes interview with leading Hatha Yoga teacher Danielle Bryant and a demonstration of the ancient art of Yala Neti.

Workshop 2 – Building a Breath Working Body

Being well breathing requires developing what is called ‘core stability’. In this lesson you will learn some simple exercises to strengthen the muscles on which such breathing depends.

Workshop 3 – Are You an Upside Down Breather?

This is the inefficient way of breathing most people use most of the time. In this workshop you will discover what it involves, whether you too are an upside down breather and how to breathe more efficiently and effectively.

Workshop 4 – Stress Control

High levels of stress are an inescapable part of many people’s lives in our time pressured, and highly competitive world. In this workshop will learn two simple but potent procedures for managing such stress.

Workshop 5 – Mastering the Relaxing Breath

In this workshop you will learn a type of breathing which research and my own clinical experience has shown to be a fast and effective way of developing a relaxed mind and body.

Workshop 6 – Mastering the Energising Breath

You will learn how to use left-right nostril breathing, also known as Sun-Moon breathing, to quickly re-energise yourself whenever you start feeling fatigued.

Workshop 7 – Mastering the Focused Breath

Discover how to attain what psychologists call a state of ‘flow’. A mental state in which you are focused intently on the task at hand rather than allowing yourself to be distracted by intruding thoughts and worries.

Workshop 8 – Mastering Breath Optimised Transformational Unblocking

‘Breath locks’ or ‘blocks’ as we call them in Bo-Tau are emotional barriers that arise through breathing. In a situation where you want and need to remain calm and confident and emotion arises, perhaps associated with fear or anger, that ‘blocks’ your attempts to behave as you wish. A Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) practitioner would say that your ‘monkey mind’ has taken over from your ‘wise mind’. In this workshop I describe a unique yet simple way of liberating yourself from such unhelpful, emotion driven, responses.

Bo-Tau Workshop

Breath Your Way to Wellness

You will receive two professionally produced DVDs my book Breathe Easy and a Free stress card to monitor your own relaxation and stress levels.