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Fear of Flying

If flying makes you fearful, you are not alone.

Even those who fly frequently, on business or for pleasure, often feel highly anxious as they buckle their seat belts and listen to the engines starting up.

If you are among them, or perhaps somewhat you is so fearful of flying they will never do so, you need no longer allow a fear of flying spoil your next flight.

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Overcoming Your Flying Fears

There are practical, non-scary, steps that will help remain calm while flying whether on business or pleasure. In my audio training programme Fly Without Fear I take you through every stage of a flight from arriving at the airport, through the take off and journey to the moment you land at your destination. You will be guided, in the safety and comfort of your own home to experience sensations not of distress or anxiety but relaxation and enjoyment. The use of actors and sound effects help make your imaginary flight as realistic as possible.

“This is a journey in your imagination, with real life sounds from the airport and plane, and the reassuring voice of Dr Lewis as your companion…he explains why visualisation and mental and physical relaxation significantly reduce anxiety during a flight, especially through the control that this restores to your mind. The bonus section on rapid relaxation and visualisation would certainly be worth taking with you.”   Tom Spence.

Fly Without Fear Programme

Fly Without Fear

In the Fly Without Fear audio training programme download, I guide you through the ten steps of preparing for and taking a flight.

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In the Fly Without Fear audio training programme download, I guide you through the ten steps of preparing for and taking a flight whether for business of pleasure. Gradually and easily you will master the skills needed to remain calm and confident from  the moment you decide to fly to the time the aircraft lands at your destination.  In this audio training programme, I guide you…

Step One: Understanding Your Fear of Flying.

Step Two: Mastering the Relaxing Breath.

Step Three: Preparing for Your Flight.

Step Four: Arriving at the Airport.

Step Five: Taking Your Seat in the Aircraft.

Step Six: Listening to the Safety Announcements.

Step Seven: The Take Off.

Step Eight: Flying High.

Step Nine: Coping with Turbulence.

Step Ten: The Landing

Bonus Section: Rapid Relaxation & Visualisation.