I have been a professional writer for thirty years, publishing my first book at the age of 16. Later, I helped pay my way through university by writing for an American publisher.

I focus on practical aspects of psychology and recent works include Impulse – Why we do what we do without knowing why we do it and The Brain Sell – When Science Meets Shopping and Fat Planet – The Obesity Trap and How We Can Escape It (With Dr Margaret Leitch).

I have also written extensively on anxiety, stress, child development, thinking skills and obesity.

Below you will find details of my twelve available books.  Purchases from this site can be made securely by PayPal and include FREE postage within the UK. For orders from outside the UK please e-mail [email protected] for cost.

Triumph of the Will? How two men hypnotised Hitler and changed the world.

In October 1918 Adolf Hitler, a lance-corporal in the Austrian army, lost his sight following a British gas attack. Doctors diagnosed his blindness as due not to physical injury but mental breakdown. He was suffering from what they then called hysteria.

Rather than being treated in a nearby hospital, he was sent 600 miles from the Front to a ‘nerve’ clinic in the Pomeranian town of Pasewalk. There Dr Edmund Robert Forster, one of Germany’s leading hysteria specialists, used hypnosis to cure him.

Although his sight was restored, the experience left Hitler convinced he had a divine mission to ‘make Germany great again’.

In the early 1930s he became friends with a second hypnotist, a Moravian Jew

and media billionaire named Eric Hanussen. Despite his race, he supported the Nazis, promoted Hitler in his newspapers and coached him in showmanship.

Together, these two men transformed a once purposeless drifter into a merciless tyrant able to manipulate the minds of millions.

One reviewer described my book as: “Utterly absorbing…drawing upon profound wells of research”.

374 pages, Illustrated, MLI Press 2019

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The Way It Was – A Photographic Journey through ‘Sixties Britain

More than two hundred stunning, sometimes shocking, black and white photographs reveal little known aspects of the British way of life during this period of massive social, educational, economic and political upheaval.

With explanatory text, the book reveals the secret life of a by-gone age, where people said and did the things very differently.

Luxuriously produced, in a limited edition, this elegantly printed coffee table book will provide you with endless discoveries and delights. It offers you either a nostalgic a trip down memory lane or an eye-opening insight into the lives of your parents or grandparents.

210 pages of photographs. MLI Press, 2018

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Hardback £19.99

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Fat Planet The obesity trap and how we can escape it

An exploration of the physiological and psychological reasons behind the current health destroying obesity crisis which is shorting the lives of millions and threatening to bankrupt health services worldwide. (Random House)

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The Brain Sell When Science Meets Shopping

Discover how advances in science enable retailers to influence your decision making when shopping. Learn their secrets and take back control of your wallet or purse.

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Impulse Why we do what we do without knowing why we do it

Why do we so often do or say things without really knowing why? This book explores the psychology and neuroscience behind our impulses.

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The Secret Language of Your Child

Discover how, long before they can talk, children speak to one another using an eloquent but silent language of expression, gesture and gaze. By gaining these invaluable insights into your infants, feelings, needs, fears and desires you will better understand their behaviour, attitudes and abilities.

Souvenir Press, Second edition 2015. Paperback, 288 pages. Illustrated.

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Mind Skills  Giving Your Child a Brighter future

Is your child’s brain receiving the sort of stimulation that will develop the mind skills essential for success in today’s world? This exciting and practical book contains a series of simple procedures to help your child, according to his or her individual make up.

Children often fail at school because the teaching is not geared to their natural way of learning: they may be logical or intuitive, practical or creative or somewhere between the two. Once you have identified your child’s mind-style (and your own), you can choose appropriate methods that will suit his or her way of perceiving and learning. A child whose mind skills have been developed in this way will have a much better chance of the school and career success.

Mind Skills is a manual for the future. A highly effective way of preparing children to excel in the fiercely competitive technological world that awaits outside the school gates.

“The best part of Dr David Lewis’ “computer child” approach is his belief that every school should treat every child equally as a genius” – The Guardian.

“Shows how parents hold the key to their children’s intellectual success… They are their child’s best hope.”

Originally published in 1987.

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Thinking Better – A Revolutionary New Program to Achieve Peak Mental Performance.

Would you like to ace IQ tests? Make better decisions? Solve problems more quickly and easily? Learn in a way that suits your unique learning style?

Now you can with Thinking Better a book I wrote in collaboration with American scientist James Greene.

The book includes two sets of IQ tests for you take before and after working through the practical examples that teach you how to solve maths problems, word problems and shape problems – the building blocks of many standard IQ tests.

You’ll be amazed at the huge improvements in your ability to excel on this type of problem.

A Fortune Book of the Year and widely used by leading US & Japanese business executives this 322 page hardcover book, has only been published in the US and Japan, at a price of $14.95.

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Your Child’s Drawings – Their Hidden Meaning

Using a series of simple exercises my book, written in collaboration with American scientist James Greene, explains how drawings can be analysed to assess children’s development, predict future trends in their behaviour, uncover hidden emotions, discover present and future personality traits, measure creativity, predict school performance and reveal gifts and talents that might otherwise remain undetected.

Parents, teachers, and anyone concerned with the welfare of children will find the book a rich source of information to help them understand and deal more effectively with children of all ages.  Discover how your child’s artful scribbles can help you understand their behaviour, uncover painful emotions, assess creativity, predict school performance and unlock talents that might otherwise remain undetected. A rich source of insights for parents, teachers and carers.

Hutchinson. Paper back. 200 pages. Colour and black and white illustrations. First published in 1978. Only a limited number ‘as new’ copies are available.

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Fight Your Phobia and Win!

Do you fear enclosed spaces? Are you fearful of snakes, spiders or cats? Perhaps you are frightened of venturing out of your home? If you experience high levels of anxiety about situations, objects, people or activities that others seem to take for granted, you may be suffering from a phobia.

This is not unusual, and nothing to be ashamed of. All phobias, no matter how apparently baffling can be successfully overcome. This book will teach you how.

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Format: Audiobook

Format: eBook

Breathe Easy: De-Stress, Build Confidence and Focus Your Mind in Seven Days.

Packed with easy-to- follow practical exercises, the book will help you unlock the power of your mind by using your breathing. You will learn how to:

  • Control stress, tension and anxiety quickly and easily.
  • Perform any challenge at the peak of your ability.
  • Enhance your long-term health.
  • Breakthrough emotional barriers to personal fulfilment.
  • Increase your sense of well-being.
  • Feel calm, focused and motivated whatever the situation.

Paperback, 224 pages.

This book is FREE when ordered with Bo-Tau workshop DVD.



On-Minute Stress Management – How to safeguard your heart and your sanity in sixty seconds a day.

This unique stress management e-book offers a concise and easy to follow guide to making stress work for you It provides powerful and effective ways to reduce stress and release tension all of which can be undertaken in just 60 seconds. Discover how to monitor your stress levels on a daily basis and how to unwind quickly and easily before, during or after a stressful experience.

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Ten-Minute Time and Stress Management – How to Gain an Extra 10 Hours a Week

Here is a fast and effective programme for making the most of your time in a way that makes no extra demands on your time.

By following this practical programme for just five days, you will quickly eliminate stress from your life and gain an ‘extra’ 10 hours a week. You will learn how to analyse your time and identify ways in which it might be applied more efficiently. You will also discover how to make it work for you rather than against you.

Questionnaires, tests and simple tasks help you set goals and priorities, accurately assess the cost of your time, recognise your hours of peak performance and design a personal time management program to fit your needs.

Packed with practical advice and time-saving tips, 10 – Minute Time and Stress Management is the essential book for everyone who wants to increase their productivity, reduce their stress levels and improve the quality of their life. Piatkus, 239 pages.