As the diagram above shows, too little time to finish a task causes stress levels to rise. Increasing stress levels can lead to impaired performance and poor concentration with the result that easily avoidable mistakes are made. Jobs either have to be redone from the start or require further time to be spent on putting things right. With the consequence that, all too often, stress levels rise even further!

To use time efficiently and keep stress at a comfortable level it is not necessary to work harder but it is essential to work smarter! In the words of international business consultant Peter Drucker: “Efficiency is doing the job right. Effectiveness is doing the right job.”

Some twenty years ago I wrote and presented a video offering practical strategies for reducing stress through effective time management. Since it was filmed the programme has been followed by hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals.

Although now somewhat dated the techniques and procedures I describe remain as powerful and effective today as when the 50 minute long film was first made.

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