If you have just bought, or are contemplating purchasing, a powerboat then this professionally produced training video, could save you from making costly mistakes and embarrassing misjudgements.

For the vast majority of powerboat owners, whether newcomers or old hands, berthing their boat is a problem. Do it right and no one is around to see you, do it wrong and a crowd quickly gathers. It’s always embarrassing and often costly. So why not view it before you attempt to do it? This 30-minute long video enables you to learn the basics in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Your instructor is RYA Advanced Instructor Jack Jackson who, with the help of his student Fiona, demonstrates:

  • The correct speed and angle at which to approach the berth.
  • What to do and what not to do as you come alongside.
  • How to turn the boat in its own length.
  • Tips for ensuring safety on the water.
  • How to develop the knowledge that ensures every trip ends in triumph and not disaster.

Filmed on location at Eastbourne and Newhaven Marinas, and directed by Tony Cornford.

Jack Jackson, at the helm, with director Tony Cornford foreground right.

Berth Your Boat

Featuring Royal Yachting Association advanced instructor Jack Jackson who has taught hundreds of newcomer to the sport to handle their craft confidently and safely, even in busy marinas Jack Jackson takes you through every step of the way from entering a crowded marina to safely, easily and comfortable berthing your powerboat, even under tricky wind conditions.

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