“Tranquillity – a Wish, a dream. A thought, a hope…Peace is a place of mind unique to each. Journey inside to your own tranquillity.”  Part of a poem composed by poetess Helen Milton after experiencing the power Sensualisation.

Sensualisation is a type of mind travel that involves not just your inner eye but your sense of hearing, smelling, taste and touch.

It is widely used by athletes to rehearse their game plan, by successful business executive to prepare for challenging negotiations, and by those who want to escape temporally into a safe, calm and comforting special place – their own private paradise where they can feel relaxed and safe.

In your mind’s eye you can travel the world without ever leaving your armchair. You can move easily and effortlessly backwards and forwards through time. You can become anyone you want to be and do anything you want to do.

You can also employ sensualise techniques to enhance performance over a wide range of activities such as while:

  • Playing a sport
  • Making a presentation at work
  • Overcoming a phobia
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Dealing with criticism

Try this for yourself by mind travelling with me on a journey to a beautiful, peaceful, island. During this video clip I use a combination of light hypnotic instruction together with music and sound effects, to help you develop and strengthen your powers of Sensualisation.

As I guide you, in the preview video below, you can learn not just to see the calm blue sea and golden sands, but to heard the surf breaking gently on the foreshore, to feel the warmth of the beach beneath your feet, to taste the tang of salt on your lips and the smell the delicate aroma of wild flowers.

By travelling in your mind to place, situations and activities where you feel anxious you can learn how to cope calmly and confidently.The procedure works even more powerfully when combined with some of the breathing and relaxation procedures described with the Bo-Tau breathing techniques elsewhere on this website.

Learn the art of Sensualisation.

Filmed on location in Thailand, my Sensualisation DVD, takes you on a relaxing journey to a beautiful tropical island where you can discover the peace and create a private and personal refuge. A place of safety to which you can retreat when feeling tired, anxious or stressed.

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