In the mid-eighties, whilst lecturing in clinical psychology and psychopathology at the University of Sussex, I developed new self-help approaches for overcoming anxiety, eliminating phobias & managing high levels of stress, I also set-up two National charities Action on Phobias and Stresswatch to promote community-based programmes. My therapeutic approach, which I teach to companies and organisations, brings together traditional Eastern mindfulness practices with the latest discoveries from psychology and neuroscience.

These provide a practical way of controlling anxieties, fears and stress while enhancing wellbeing via a series of exercises easily mastered exercises I named Breath Optimised Transformational Unblocking or Bo-Tau.

These workshops are now available for home or company use on two professionally produced DVDs obtainable from the Shop.

This self-help training programme shows you how to harness the hidden power of your breath to bring about profound changes in your life. Not only is it possible to control anxiety and manage stress through simple, easy to effect, changes in the depth and rhythm f your breathing but you can also increase energy levels, banishing life-restricting emotional blocks and bring about a greater sense of well-being.

Breath Your Way to Wellness with Bo-Tau

I developed this powerful new approach to wellness after years of clinical research and practical experience working with clients. I called it Bo-Tau (the name stands for Breath Optimised Transformational Unblocking) combining findings from neuroscience and psychology with traditional Eastern yogic traditions. I present the ten lessons on the two DVD training course that also includes my book Breathe Easy. Together these will quickly and easily show you how, by using your breathing, you can reduce fatigue, combat stress, boost your energy levels, and generally enhance you feelings of confidence and wellbeing.

Bo-Tau Workshop

Breathe Your Way to Wellness

You will receive two professionally produced DVDs my book Breathe Easy and a Free stress card to monitor your own relaxation and stress levels.